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Film, TV , Broadcasting, Health and Safety - Sentinel Consultancy

Welcome to Sentinel Consultancy, your dedicated partner in health and safety for film production and broadcasting in the Middle East. With extensive experience, we understand the dynamic nature of these industries. Our comprehensive risk assessments and HSE compliance not only meet but exceed industry standards, creating a safety culture endorsed by insurers. We acknowledge the inherent risks in filming, including the need for cultural sensitivity and potential challenges with wildlife encounters and allergenic plant species. Our approach integrates thorough risk assessments to ensure the safety of both the production team and the natural environment.

Customized Safety Plans and Documentation:

We craft tailored safety plans that align with the unique demands of your project, serving as comprehensive documents for insurance companies to review and endorse. Thorough documentation, including risk assessments and emergency response plans, facilitates a smooth approval process, providing insurers with the necessary insights into the measures in place to safeguard your production.

Continuous Improvement for Ongoing Safety:

Continuing our commitment to safety, we extend our dedication to ongoing safety measures on the set. Embracing the dynamic nature of risks in the filming environment, we conduct dynamic risk assessments regularly. These assessments are complemented by daily update briefings, ensuring that your production team is informed and prepared for any emerging risks

First Aid on the set:

Sentinel Consultancy’s first aid team stands at the forefront of ensuring a secure filming environment. From addressing minor injuries to handling complex medical situations, their expertise guarantees prompt and effective assistance for your production team. Our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices showcases our proactive risk management approach—a critical factor for securing comprehensive insurance coverage approvals. With us, you not only benefit from ongoing safety measures but also have the support of a dedicated first aid team ready to navigate unique health challenges during film production, especially in remote and demanding locations

We sets the benchmarks for safety in the Middle East film and broadcasting industry.

Call Rob Gardner or WhatsApp on +968 95153218 or e-mail Info@sentinel-consultancy.com