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Freediving Safety info - Sentinel Consultancy

Freediving safety  (free download)

Safety notes

  • Get checked out by a doctor first, have a certificate of good health
  • Have all people fill out and sign a fitness form, be aware of allergies and medical problems, or if people have any special requirements.
  • Maintain a log of dives and depths
  • First aid kit with O2 be available on the boat.
  • Everyone should have min 16hr fist aid cert
  • An oxygen meter be included in first aid box, to measure O2 in blood
  • Have Emergency action plan, written out and ensure all aboard know what to do.
  • Do a risk assessment
  • Give a dive briefing before setting off from shore
  • Practise rescues and keep a log of training.

New divers must not go beyond 15mts

For the full PDF version please down load by clicking on Freediving