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Mum's and Dad's First Aid - Sentinel Consultancy

Child First Aid Sessions

Mum and Dad First Aid

Mum and Dad First Aid

Baby first aid – coping in an emergency

Child first aid 3 x 3hr sessions  for parents/carers who want to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation involving their baby or child.

The course covers primary assessment, resuscitation, recovery position, choking, anaphylaxis, meningitis and severe bleeding.  minor bleeding, splinters, nose bleeds, burns, fever, head injuries, bites & stings, seizures and asthma. CPR +AED  and more

45/-RO per person for courses at Muscat Climbing Centre  35-45/-RO per person for private courses run in client homes depending on distance and trainee numbers. Usual maximum 12 per course (minimum 6 per course)


Learning child first aid is a vital skill for anyone looking after children aged 0-12 years. Learn how to deal with commonly occurring problems such as fever, head injuries and minor burns as well as life threatening situations such as stopping breathing or choking on a toy or food.